When a family thrives, our entire community thrives, too.

Wrap-around support welcomed Lina and Lara home.

Originally from Syria, Lina and her daughter Lara experienced many hardships throughout the war-ridden country, including losing their husband and father in 2013. With the help of a few organizations and generous sponsors, Lina and Lara successfully moved to Canada with their family to escape the conflict.

Once they arrived, a whole new set of challenges awaited them. Communicating, shopping, and food were among some of the struggles Lina and Lara battled once they arrived. “There were many challenges,” said Lina. “A friend recommended we come to The Mustard Seed’s Neighbour Centre because she had been helped a lot there.” 

Lina & Lara

After a few visits, Lina and Lara started to receive the support and services that would ultimately help them feel more  confident and comfortable in their new country and home. “We’ve been coming to the Neighbour Centre for about two years now,” says Lara. “All the staff are so helpful, caring, and kind.”  

Through Lina’s continued visits, she was able to improve her English, work on her resume, apply for jobs, receive help with  purchasing Christmas gifts, and provide her daughter and son with a sense of community. “We want people to know that they can find help at The Mustard Seed,” says Lara. “You won’t feel shy or uncomfortable – it’s a very good place.” 

A priceless investment in the well-being of our city.

Linda shares her decision to become an early investor in Ogden Hub:29

“For the last few years, I’d write an annual cheque in support of The Mustard Seed. But I never imagined that 2020 would bring my whole family to our knees.”

My son Brian struggled with mental illness and addiction. After spending several months on the streets in and out of shelters, we lost our brilliant, vibrant and beloved Brian to fentanyl poisoning in August of 2020. He was only 25.

When I learned about the incredible vision for Hub:29, it filled me with hope. This will be a place where families will find joy, not just the bare necessities. I think this is a way to stitch back the fabric of the community, and build people up stronger.

Brian & Linda

Our community urgently needs a family place like this, where people can feel loved, regain dignity and find all the supports they need.

That’s what I love about Alberta. We believe in people making their own future. We believe in being generous. And we’re all in this together. I consider Hub:29 an investment in all of us. When we support our neighbours together, we build our community together, and we all feel connected to each other. There’s no better way to honour my son’s legacy.  

Together, we can give struggling families
so much more than a home.

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